Month: April 2019

The Best Green Alternative To Aquatic Herbicides

In recent years, more and more waterfront property owners have become skeptical about the use of aquatic herbicides to treat lake weeds. Concerns range from human health, the effect on pets, livestock and wild animals, to unknown, long-term environmental effects. Nobody likes having a lake that is overrun with weeds and aquatic herbicides can be[…]

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Tips For Taking Great Farm Animal Photos

Opportunities to take animal pictures are everywhere. Domestic farm animals are enjoyable to watch, easy to photograph, and there are a multiple of uses for photos of pigs, cows, horses, ducks, and chickens. Well-taken pictures of livestock can be used number of purposes, which include catalogs, posters, auction brochures, calendars, pamphlets, books, greeting cards, and[…]

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Facing the Problem of Global Warming

A family produced and reared cattle just for their needs and hence there was less use of pesticides. The eggs laid by the chicken were used for the family and the cattle and livestock were well taken care of. Agricultural produce was devoid of pesticides and hence was healthy for consumption. The modern day farms[…]

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