Andras Forgacs

Meat can now be grown, believe it or not. At the forefront of this interesting science is venture capitalist, Andras Forgacs. He co-founded Organovo, a biofabrication company that cultivates human tissues to replicate biological ones. This is a breakthrough in science as we could say goodbye to prosthetics and decapitation once this is perfected. But Andras is not only looking into using biofabrication in the realm of medicine. He braved to take it further-use it to grow food and leather.

Modern Meadow is a company founded by Gabor and Andras Forgacs. They grow meat by taking a cell sample from a living animal. Cell, being the building blocks of tissues, is all we need to grow the same type of meat we kill animals for. With this new approach to cultivating and engineering food, we could be ending the need to cope with the growing demand for meat by having to mutate our cows and using hectares of land to house them.

Right now, we need 60 billion livestock to feed the 7 billion population of the Earth, according to Andras himself. Ten years down the road, we're looking into 40 billion more added to today's population. For the food industry to cope with such an increase, livestock produce has to be doubled. Along with such increase is the rise of greenhouse gasses and the need for a broader land to house our meat producers.

From that perspective, we could surmise that we're going downhill in terms of improving our technology. What use is technology if we could not figure out a way to solve the most pressing problems? So, Andras broke away from growing body parts to cultivating meat and leather. Modern Meadow hopes to make meat production possible without killing animals. They do it by growing cells to build tissues, much like cloning only that they are using it to replicate the meat.

In 2013, Modern Meadow was recognized as the "One to Watch" among all presenting companies at FutureMed and named one of the 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine. It was also featured by the same magazine as "The Company Leading the Future of Farming."

Still not convinced? Andras has something to say to cynics:

"Perhaps biofabrication is a natural evolution of manufacturing for mankind. It's environmentally responsible, efficient and humane. It allows us to be creative. We can design new materials, new products, and new facilities. We need to move past just killing animals as a resource to something more civilized and evolved. Perhaps we are ready for something literally and figuratively more cultured. " (SOURCE: TED Talks)

1. He co-founded Modern Meadow, a biofabrication company that introduced meat and leather cultivation.
2. He co-founded Organovo, a biofabrication company that specializes in printing three-dimensional tissues to replicate biological ones.
3. He co-founded Resolution Project a non-profit organization.
4. He is a venture capitalist.
5. The Bioprinter by Organovo was named one of the top inventions by TIME.
6. He served as a founding member of Citigroup's corporate and investment banking e-commerce group.
7. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Harvard University.
8. Organovo was recognized alongside SpaceX, Nest, Huawei, etc. as one of the top 10 companies that could change the world in deep ways by solving tough problems.
9. Modern Meadow was recognized as one of the 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, which also featured them as "The Company Leading the Future of Farming."
10. Organovo was recognized by MIT Technology Review on its TR50 list of most innovative companies.

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