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GPS Tags for Use on Animals

GPS technologies have really begun to be used by biologists in helping them to observe the movements and migrating patterns taken by animals. This has further been able to represent the analytical qualities these technologies can offer from the data they can transmit back to the end user. A new use, this has been able[…]

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Andras Forgacs

WHY ANDRAS FORGACS IS EXTRAORDINARY Meat can now be grown, believe it or not. At the forefront of this interesting science is venture capitalist, Andras Forgacs. He co-founded Organovo, a biofabrication company that cultivates human tissues to replicate biological ones. This is a breakthrough in science as we could say goodbye to prosthetics and decapitation[…]

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What In The World Is A Chupacabra?

The Chupacabra is mostly associated with Puerto Rico, where it was first reported in about 1987, Mexico and Latin American communities of the United States. Eyewitness sightings have been documented as far back as 1990, and with a wide range from Maine, United States and as far south as Chile, South America, and even thought[…]

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