E Coli – It's Always The Meat, Never The Vegetables

An E. coli outbreak in Europe has claimed the life of over twenty people and as of yet the cause is unknown. One thing is for sure, however, only a fool would place the blame on vegetables. It has never been a plant derived disease and never will be. Meat is the culprit and always has been.

This deadly strain seems to be new and seems to be resistant to antibiotics which makes it almost impossible to eradicate. But this is not difficult to understand, since farm factory livestock is continuously pumped full of antibiotics so they won't die of disease from the filth they live in as well as the unnatural diet of grains which they are forced to eat and cannot digest. Death before the slaughterhouse is unacceptable but also feeding cattle fresh grass from the field is unacceptable because it is too costly. Besides saving money by feeding livestock indigestible food they are also forced to live in unimaginably cramped conditions. They literally stand in their own urine and feces for the majority of their lives. That is why they are force fed antibiotics, and that is why bacteria become immune to these heavy doses of antibiotics.

I don't know for sure who is responsible for placing the blame for this deadly strain of bacteria on plants instead of meat but it would not be hard to imagine that this nonsense comes from the meat industry. As far as they are concerned feeding cows grain instead of grass as well as ground up parts of other animals cannot be the cause of the E. coli outbreak. They would also sternly deny that the unnatural conditions that this feed causes in the digestive tract of these poor tortured animals could actually be the problem. But getting back to reality for just a moment, the question should be, "How can these animals be fed this unnatural diet and it be expected that resistant strains of deadly bacteria will not be the result?"

Every time you eat a hamburger you are eating the ground up remains of hundreds or even thousands of cattle that have lived and died in these horrible conditions. Do you think the meat industry cares any more about you than they do the cattle that they raise (torture)? Of course not. But even if they did care about you the consumer there is no way to monitor the raising and slaughter of billions of animals that have been abused, drugged, cannibalized, mass produced and mass slaughtered. Step inside a modern day farm factory or a modern day slaughterhouse and what I am saying would soon make perfect sense. If you became aware of how your meat got to your table you would be a fool to eat it and a child abuser if you fed it to your kids.

As long as farm factories exist, animals will be tortured and fed a diet that is totally incompatible with their intestinal tract. As long as they are forced to live the entirety of their lives standing in their own fecal matter they will continue to produce deadly strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. When their feces is spread over fields of plants grown for human consumption it will always add up to a very bad problem. But this problem is not going to end soon because the antibiotic, hormone, and bacteria laden feces of multiplied billions of farm animals has got to go somewhere. Don't think for a moment that it only pollutes our drinking water. No, it also becomes part of the plant kingdom.

Keep the vegetables and get rid of the farm factories. This is the simple solution to any and every past or future outbreak of E.coli. As a matter of fact it is the simple answer to almost every disease that plagues this great country.

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