Facing the Problem of Global Warming

A family produced and reared cattle just for their needs and hence there was less use of pesticides. The eggs laid by the chicken were used for the family and the cattle and livestock were well taken care of. Agricultural produce was devoid of pesticides and hence was healthy for consumption. The modern day farms use the latest techniques and production means, but in the process, the environment is affected and the future generation is sure to pay a price for this mechanized development.

If you want to raise animals, it means using up more than 50% of the water in the US. As per statistics, 87% of the agricultural land in US is used for raising livestock and animals for meat. We are facing the problem of global warming, thanks to our mindless attitude. Methane is one of those greenhouse gases which lead to global warming. Raising cattle for meat also causes water pollution as well. Close to thirty percent of the raw materials and fossil fuels is used for raising cattle for meat. Deforestation is increasing at a fast rate and this is primarily due to the fact that rain forests are being cut down for raising animals for meat.

In addition to the above, animals are treated very badly. The costs incurred for raising the cattle and processing meat is expensive. Hence, people are slowly changing to vegetarianism. It is advised that you slowly eliminate non-vegetarian food from your diet and include lots of plant food which is naturally grown.

This is definitely a healthy option and you are sure to slowly begin to love eating vegetarian food. Both animals as well as your conscience is all for it and going to feel happy about this decision.

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