What In The World Is A Chupacabra?

The Chupacabra is mostly associated with Puerto Rico, where it was first reported in about 1987, Mexico and Latin American communities of the United States. Eyewitness sightings have been documented as far back as 1990, and with a wide range from Maine, United States and as far south as Chile, South America, and even thought to have been seen in Russia.

Over the past 2 decades, livestock and pets have been killed inexplicably. Not eaten, or carried off, but drained of their blood. Of course, legend tells them that this could be the mythical chupacabra, literally translated from the Spanish as "goat sucker".

From legend, the chupacabra preys upon livestock and pets, and drinks their blood. Animals reported have been chickens, goats, horses, sheep, pets, and birds, just to name a few. In most incidences, the livestock was exsanguinated, sometimes organs were also extracted, through 1 or 2 holes.

It is said that it is the size of a small bear, looks like a heavy creature, and has a spines or quills from the nape of the neck down to the base of the tail, and is hairless or has very sparse hair with scaly, leathery skin that is bluish-greenish-gray in color. It has large fangs and huge claws. They have been reported to even be between 3-4 ft high, and hop around like a kangaroo, witnessed leaping as far as 20 ft in one jump. When alarmed, they screech and hiss, and leave a foul smell behind.

Basically, it seems to be a combination between 3 different animals: canine, rodent and lizard.

Contrary to how canine species' eyes glow blue when light is shone on them at night, the chupacabra's eyes have been reported to glow red.

Scientists that are considered "mainstream" believe this creature only to be a myth or urban legend. Some of these creatures that have turned up in traps, or on the side of the road have been tested, and either identified as being a strange and unidentified breed of dog with demodectic or sarcoptic mange or simply, an unknown species of animal.


Grouping: Cryptid or Extraterrestrial ???

Is it explicable with knowledge of known species, or is it really an urban legend true? You decide.

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